• Smart Care at your fingertips.

    NEW! Send an Uber ride to pick up your loved ones, in just two clicks. It's free for them, and they don't even need to have a smartphone.


    StayClose is the world's first app to answer 'how are you' automatically, giving you real-time visibility of your family's well being.


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  • Send a Ride 

    Touchkin Ties Up With Uber

    Stuck at work? Can't go pick up your loved ones? Send them a ride. Show them you care.

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  • Care for your loved ones, no matter where they are.

    Know if all is well, do something if it's not.


    Real time visibility of their wellbeing.

    Never again worry if you can't get them on the phone. See how your loved ones are at just a glance. Get alerts if their activity patterns indicate something is wrong.


    Send a virtual touch.

    Too busy to call or worried about interrupting? Send a virtual touch, share a moment. Let them know you are thinking of them, with just a tap.


    Care with Stay Close.

    You can now say "I am sending someone to pick you up" in 400 cities around the world. Send them a ride on your Uber account,  with just a tap.

  • Caring for parents from Dubai

    Tsarina Vacha from Dubai says : " Stay Close is a fabulous app! Used to always think why no one came up with something like this. 

    It's a way for parents to connect and be 'in touch' all the time and monitor behavioural and routine changes without depending on help from (often unreliable) care-givers."

  • How Stay Close- Family Care Works

    The way you use your phone says a lot about how you are. Stay Close analyses this data to create a picture of your and your loved one's wellbeing.




    'How' Cards

    Dashboard of your loved ones' wellbeing.


    Get a picture of your loved one's wellbeing at just a glance.

    You can see when they last left home, when they were active or spoke to someone.


    We analyze data from their phone sensors to check if their mobility, activity, communication and sleep patterns are normal.

    If they are much below usual, the icon turns red. If the trends look worrying, we send you an alert.


    StayClose is based on Touchkin's predictive care engine, which uses machine learning to detect patterns of phone sensor data


    Send a ride to someone

    Send someone to pick them up and take them to.. 


    Now you can send a ride to anyone in your contacts with just two taps. Want to get Mom taken to the doc? Teen missed his school bus? Get in-laws picked up from the airport?


    You no longer need to  juggle between calls, apps, and texts to send someone a cab, finding out where they are and connecting them to the driver.


    Just send them a ride with StayClose. They will get a link which will send an Uber to their location whenever they are ready, paid for by you. They don't need to have any app or even a smartphone.





     Care with Context

    Feel closer in less than a minute.


    Stay Close Family Care learns how often you usually contact a loved one, and reminds you to call if it's been too long.


    It gives you context for the conversation - are they at home or outside, connected to wifi, what the weather and time is where they are. You can ask Mom why she didn't go on her walk today, just like you would if you were around her.


    It also notifies your family when you land safely in a new city, so they know you are okay but travelling. You can send them a virtual touch to see if they are free, or share a video moment to create an album of memories.





    Non intrusive

    Keeping it private.

    There is no active input required, so you can just put StayClose on your family's phones and check it only when you want to know how someone is, or to send them a ride or touch.


    For each person, you decide what you want to share, and when you want to be notified. For instance, you may want to know if Mom hasn't spoken to anyone in a while, so you can call.


    The best part: it's completely private, and with zero manual input.



  • Keeping Mom from getting worried

    Surya from Bangalore says " I was so busy with my startup that I kept missing Mom's calls. She used to get worried and upset.

    With StayClose, she can now see that I'm fine but busy.

    I like how it gives her a sense of how I am , but unlike location trackers, it doesn't feel intrusive."

  • Make caring for family easier with Stay Close.

    When you talk, people listen. Help us spread the word with just a few clicks.




  • Feeling closer to my daughter

    Meena from Aurangabad says "My daughter called the other day. 'Mummy, you didn't go for your walk today?'

    I said, 'I had a backache... how did you know?'

    My children live so far away - but with StayClose, it feels like they're around me somewhere.

    I can see if they are okay, and send them a touch every day."